A highly focused individual with more than six years of experience in the operations and development of the business, he is highly motivated and driven in curating comprehensive strategies and plans for fulfilling business objectives efficiently.
He has a clear vision of what he is attempting to make of the company. Through years of experience he has nurtured himself that his senses identify in advance what are their most important aims or goals, what they want to say, and why they want to say it. He knows and guides as a mentor to all the fellow employees regarding how a project comes into existence, and knows their core vision, inside and out.
One of the biggest quality about him is tactfulness, he is of the mindset that any feedback, no matter how critical, can always be delivered with tact – politely, civilly, and with constructive intention. Similarly, the employees receive that feedback in the manner it was intended – not personally, but as a course correction to put them back on the path to that central, defining, original vision.

Illustration of businessman

Nawneet Ratna

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.